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Adams Ranch Dorpers

Adams Ranch is currently breeding up a flock of unregistered Dorper ewes using registered fullblood rams. We currently have percentage dorper for sale and are working our way up to purebred.

Any rams produced in the first few generations, and purebred rams that we don't keep back for breeding will be listed for sale under lambs for sale until they reach 6 months of age, at which time they can be found listed under rams.

Registered percentage and purebred Dorper ewes will be listed under ewes. Each generation of our percentage ewes will be available for purchase after we have lambed them a few times and selected a few replacements from them.

Adams Ranch Aussies

Naturally with sheep come shepherds. Our dogs are not only a part of our family but also part of the help. We may not have the largest herd of sheep but that doesn't mean that a few good sheep dogs don't make life a lot easier! We chose the Australian Shepherd due to their laid back nature when not working. All herding breeds are high energy. They wouldn't be any good at their job if they weren't! But we find that Aussies don't mind being couch potatoes when work is done for the day. They are loving and cuddly and always seem to be smiling!

We started out with smaller standards and now have a couple Mini Aussies as well; and the minis have no problem keeping up with the larger aussies!

Check out our litters page to see our available puppies! If you are looking for an older pup or adult dog check out our Available Adults page.