Female Australian Shepherd TIKKA

COLOR: black tri

HEIGHT: 16 inches

WEIGHT: 25 lbs

ADDITIONAL:Tikka is our smallest mini aussie. She is super sweet and loves to be in your lap! Not much for playing with toys, she prefers direct attention from her people!

Female Australian Shepherd BULLET

COLOR: black tri

HEIGHT: 18 inches

WEIGHT: 35 lbs

ADDITIONAL: Bullet loves attention but isn't really in your face about it. She waits patiently for you to call her over and then she tries to sneak up into your lap. She likes her toys and gets along great with other dogs.

Female Australian Shepherd TRIGGER

COLOR: black tri

HEIGHT: 22 inches

WEIGHT: 42 lbs

ADDITIONAL: Trigger is a happy playful girl. She loves to grab toys and run around trying to encourage the other dogs to play tug with her. She is a standard and is our largest female.